Electrolyte Drinks for your intense workout
Available in liquid or powder form
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Professional Grade Electrolytes for Athletes
Sqwincher is a well-established electrolyte drink in the market and known world-wide. Drink Sqwincher before and during your workout or sport game to improve and maintain your energy levels. Choose between liquid or powder electrolytes and a variety of flavours, which all tastes fantastic. Sqwincher’s small sachets are easy to take with you for on-the-go use as well.

Let us at Sqwincher focus on what electrolyte drink is best for you, so that you can keep focusing on your sport.
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Sqwincher Lite and Zero Sugar
The powder electrolyte drinks come in either Lite or Zero Sugar and various flavours. These are Sqwincher’s best-selling products in the market. Simply add one sachet of either the Lite or Zero Sugar to a 600ml bottle of water, shake well and enjoy a delicious electrolyte drink to boost your energy levels.
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Sqwincher Frozen Pops and Fast Pack
If you would like to enjoy a delicious frozen pop, Sqwincher frozen pops will be your best choice. The frozen pops cool your core body temperature fast during or after intense workout and have the same amount of electrolytes than Sqwincher’s electrolyte drinks.

The fast pack is Sqwincher’s regular drink and come in a ready-to-go pack. Simply tear off the top of the packet, add water and enjoy a great tasting electrolyte drink to boost your energy levels.
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